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Having Trouble Hearing in a Crowd?

Premier Personal Sound Amplification Products by Lucid Audio may be exactly what you need.

Comfortable, Effective, and Economical.

  • Nearly Invisible Behind The Ear Design

  • Includes Comfortable Ear Tips

  • Newest Powered by Lucid® Technology

  • 8 Channel Sound Processing

  • 2 Listening Modes (Conversation & Crowd)

  • Multi-Function Rocker Switch (VC/Program select)

  • Matching Knowles Omni-Directional Microphones

  • Dynamic Feedback Canceller

  • Compact Design & Universal Fit – Left or Right Ear

  • Enhanced Audible User Alerts That Notify of Program Change, Low Battery, and Startup

  • Nano Coating Provides Water & Sweat Resistance


Need a bit of help hearing?

The Lucid Audio Premier is a PSAP (personal sound amplification product) that offers just as much sound as hearing aids, but at a better price. Having trouble hearing in crowded areas? Unable to hear daily announcements at work? You have noticed that you have asked someone to turn up the TV volume more and more? These may be some signs that you should start using a PSAP.

You may be thinking your hearing is fine, but sometimes you could use some help, and that’s where PSAPs come in handy. There are many benefits over traditional hearing aids. It’s easy to use, comfortable for everyday use, and goes unperceived.


Family, Friends, Conversations, Concerts, TV, Music AND MORE!

Don’t miss a sound or a secret.  Enhance your hearing and enjoy concerts, tv, music, and more. 


Lucid's digital sound processing technology and three setting choices make it easy to hear more clearly.

The PSAP is a great way to help improve hearing loss without going to a full hearing aid. It’s discreet and really amplifies noice around me. I love the nature setting; now, I can hear the birds in the distance and wind in the trees, which I was missing before. I can hear so much better now, and it’s just great!

– Kate, happy customer

Give yourself a little boost!

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