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Independent, connected living with safety, security, and peace-of-mind

Your family members worry about your well being, and you worry about living comfortably in the independence of your own home. Wellness solutions from Vendi Medical can help you achieve both.

Independence, comfort, and peace-of-mind

At Vendi Medical, we have the solutions to help you live independently, in the comfort of your own home, with the peace-of-mind knowing you're connected to your loved ones and caretakers at all times.



Advances in technology help to simplify your daily routines with automated temperature control, automated lights, and more, allowing you to save money and simplify your life.



Enjoy peace of mind with 24/7 wellness monitoring and emergency response for intrusion, fire, and medical emergencies. Share access with your family and caretakers so they can check in on how you're doing anytime and anywhere.


Your family and caretakers can quickly check in on you at anytime and anywhere to make sure you're doing okay.


Activity Monitoring


Sensor & Room Detail


Info at a Glance


Daily Reports


Not just for them...

With Wellness Solutions from Vendi Medical, you have access to helpful information about your health, wellbeing and behaviors that you can share with your loved ones and caretakers.


Are you sleeping enough, or are you sleeping too much? Are you eating often enough, or are you eating too often?

Now you, and those who love you, can track your day-to-day behaviors in order to help you stay healthier longer.

Stay connected at all times

Two-way voice, live video calls, and app notifications allow you to stay connected with your caregivers, family members, and pets anytime and anywhere while preserving your independence and comfort at the same time.

Activity alerts and highlights provide reassurance

that all is well, while providing an additional safety net for detecting trouble.


Don't be alarmed—we're here for you.

Technology can be intimidating—we know from experience. But you don't need to worry. Allow Vendi Medical to help educate, provide support, and eliminate any complexity. We have experienced specialists standing by to answer any questions you may have.


New home tech will care for your loved ones

"...the system provides real-time info on your loved ones whereabouts and well-being, all without the use of intrusive cameras."

Does my insurance cover this?

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